Company creator, experience designer, and artist.

More Digital Products

Some of my projects that float around the Internet. 

Internal Voices []

Internal Voices is a podcast production studio that makes internal company podcasts. I created this service during a consulting gig at Betabrand as a way to give everyone at the company insight into their customer’s personalities through sound bytes. It’s a way to bridge companies' teams with the end users of their products. It's a combination of user research, an internal memo, and an entertaining podcast — it can be shared with teams to listen to while working, commuting, or during downtime. The podcasts are rich with qualitative data about users lives and experiences. And they’re easy to listen to!


Warby Parkour: Parkour for glasses. []

A photo series of my glasses doing parkour. Using Warby Parker style images, I created a story about my glasses leaving the photo display to go explore its surroundings and do parkour. I put my glasses in various "difficult" situations on some debris in my backyard.