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I'm Danielle Baskin — a product designer, situation designer, visual artist, and the CEO of Dialup, a voice-based social network. I’ve sold products and experiences to people around the world: optical illusions of a cloud to NASA, ice cream tricycles to Nickelodeon, branded avocados to Salesforce, and bicycle helmets to Reebok. I was featured in The New York Times article 27 Years Old, 6 Companies, 1 Employee: Herself. My work has been called "completely inventive" by Mashable, "there is nothing more 2016 than this" by Vice, as well as featured in Fast Company, Business Insider, Engadget, The Verge, CNET, Oprah, and MacWorld. My stunts have probably been shared in your Slack channels and on your Twitter feed.


I'm based in a garage in San Francisco, and was formerly based in closets in New York. I grew up on the Internet running virtual businesses in MMOs and playing adventure games. I later became a painter and started the company Inkwell Helmets, which developed the world's largest selection of helmet graphics. I designed and painted several thousand helmets, inspired by the conversations I'd have with strangers about my helmet while cycling around the city. I love playing with color and composition on non-traditional surfaces.


In 2010, I became involved with a few immersive theater companies in New York. I built sets and props, including counterfeit artwork that New York Times has called "remarkable". I was simultaneously building an eComm business, which challenged me to think about products as experiences. I try to blend product design with immersive theater and take existing concepts and turn them into out of the ordinary experiences: like a domain name swap, going camping at Dreamforce, or turning my tricycle into a mobile office to promote a new coworking space.

I like figuring out new ways to facilitate conversations through delightful and strange experiences. I'm excited about building stuff that makes people interact with the world differently.


Outside of my work, I play video games, create Internet pranks, explore abandoned buildings, and I talk on the phone, a lot. Sometimes about the moon and sometimes as a freelance boss for self-employed people.

I also speak at conferences, events, and internal corporate summits about entrepreneurship, scrappiness, art, comedy, and innovation.

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