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Last Chance Tours

Immersive scanning services for spaces that are about to be demolished. []



People can't experience what places used to look like.

There's millions of VR tours for office spaces and condos, but not many tours for historically fascinating places on the brink of collapse. Often these beautiful buildings are handed to private developers and nobody will ever know what they were like.



Capture VR scans of historical places that aren't open to the public and are about to die.

I works with city parks departments, organizations, and individuals to create immersive experiences for virtual preservation. Through site visits, infrared scanning, photographic scanning, audio recordings, and research, it's possible to create interactive tours of spaces that may otherwise be hidden and forgotten. 



To be revealed.


Time Machine for what the physical world looks like.

Last Chance Tours creates virtual reality portals into worlds that are about to fall apart, be bulldozed, or become redeveloped. Spaces are captured in stunning detail using Matterport technology with high-fidelity 360º scanning and infrared technology. With a computer, mobile device, or VR headset, anyone could do a full walkthrough of a space: see a scrawled note on a wall, notice a tree bursting through a floor, or examine the detailed metalwork on a mailbox. Immersive 360º photography is a unique, new tool for historical research, journalism, education, and art, as these places can be experienced in more detail than physically possible with the dangers and restrictions (and impossibilities) involved in visiting them in person. When interesting sites relevant to history disappear, we will virtually be able to visit them again, only if we start scanning them now. 

My first scan was featured in The Atlantic's Citylab in collaboration with Atlas Obscura in the article A Tour of the Oldest Museum of Holograms: Inside Manhattan's Underground Laser Laboratory.

Here's an example scan of a power plant in Brooklyn.