Company creator, experience designer, and artist.

Danielle Baskin

I make viral art, companies, and delightfully weird events.


I cofounded Dialup—a voice-based social network that connects friends serendipitously in phone calls.


I also created Branded Fruit—the first company to print logos on avocados and clementines.


I organize surreal experiences, like LineCon—the conference that takes place while waiting in lines, the Hold Music Awards, and Oracle Open World—a divination summit.

I host funerals for expired domain names.

My hand has been featured on AliBaba.


A directory of my businesses.

My work blends humor and practicality. Most began as jokes or art projects (and some remained that way). But most of them turned into businesses.


I've sold products to:


Salesforce, Mozilla, NASA, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Toys R Us, Naked Juice, Reebok, United States Gypsum, Amazon Web Services, Twitter, Lyft, and more.


I’m hiring.

Here are current open roles at a few of my companies. Don’t see anything that quite fits, but want to be involved? I’m happy to hear from you!

Operations Assistant
Branded Fruit
fulfillment, customer service, fruit logistics

Front-End Developer
React, React Native, Redux, Javascript

Assembly Line Member
Various Projects
physical tasks, visual coordination



From custom avocados to drone sweaters to cloud storage — I make products you've probably seen followed by "lol", "whoa!", or "actually, that's useful".


I create Internet jokes, databases, and tools — like a dead URL graveyard, a tour company for demolished buildings, and a phone network for self-employed people.


I organize surreal conferences like LineCon, Oracle OpenWorld (for oracles), outdoor games, dating experiences with drones, pranks, ARGs and more.


I’m a visual artist too! I make theater sets, sculptures, miniatures, oil paintings, illustrations, diagrams, and graphics for digital experiences.


Tweet at me @djbaskin.

Talk to me on my Dialup line.


To learn about new projects, art, and jokes you can subscribe to my mailing list or support me on Patreon.


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Speaking engagements

If a Tree Falls In Latent Space, Who Owns the Tree?
Creative Tech Week, New York, May 11, 2019

Secret San Francisco: An Underground Arts Lightning Talk
The Secret Alley, Immersive Design Week, February 20, 2019

Immersive Design Fireside Chat
The Laundry, San Francisco, CA February 11, 2019

WedX: Ideas Worth Marrying
A joke for a wedding speech! Portland, OR, November 10, 2018

Always be Pranking: Joey Skaggs vs. the Media
Odd Salon, San Francisco, CA, June 19th, 2018

Arts + Tech Panel
Sentry Scouts, San Francisco, CA May 30th, 2018

Should Drones Be Wearing Sweaters?
Maker Faire Bay Area, May 19, 2018

North Brother Island: a Journey Through New York City’s Forbidden Island
Odd Salon, San Francisco, CA, April 17, 2018